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Mar29-04, 09:24 AM
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The Duel: Strings versus Loops by Rudy Vaas

this is very bad news and I am sorry to hear it

to be proud of one's language is different from being proud of
one's army

I can almost not believe you that the German people could be so stupid
as to confuse being proud of their language
with the ancient atavistic forms of nationalism like the violent
enthusiasm people have about their football teams and other tribal craziness.

for gods sake tell them, tell everyone you can who will listen,
that the whole world has a stake in the continued health of
its languages and that not only should they not feel embarrassed
by esteeming and preserving hochdeutsch but they should take
it as their duty

this evening my chorus begins a series of 9 rehearsals of brahms
deutsches requiem. we will kick butt. its a good piece.
(yesterday we gave our concert of the Haydn Dminor mass which
is of course in Latin----also a great language, it would be
horrible to have to sing either of those pieces in English. I would
walk out.) Of course English is also a wonderful language. It is
necessary to be fully committed to each language of which one
is fortunate enough to have custody