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May8-08, 07:30 AM
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What do you need to hook up a camera, expose an image, and take pictures. Russ_Watters What is the telescope you have, and size, and how much does it cost?
Don't even think of going there, Sheneron! At least not until you have a LOT more money to spend.

You would need a very solid, stable motorized German equatorial mount to support the 'scope, and you would need a guidescope and a drive corrector to guide the exposures manually or an automated guider mounted on your guidescope to do the guiding (more $$$).

BTW, Russ is using an 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain from Orion (basically a Celestron OTA on an Orion Atlas mount). The scope with the go-to version of this mount and a few eyepieces, shipping, etc will easily cost 10x what you're budgeting for your first scope.