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May8-08, 09:20 PM
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What do you need to hook up a camera, expose an image, and take pictures.
Well, you need a good motorized scope. The equatorial mounted scope I suggested can take a motor, but it probably can't do much more than hold an object in the eyepiece for short exposures (like shooting a planet).

You can get good pictures of planets with any motorized scope with a decent aperature and a webcam.
Russ_Watters What is the telescope you have, and size, and how much does it cost?
This is my telescope:

When I bought it, it was $250 cheaper. They didn't realize just how good it was when it first came out - they were almost always on back order.

Long exposure pictures of deep-sky objects require at least $1,000 for a very limited capability, very difficult to use, entry-level imaging setup. But even with mine, there are some serious limitations I have to constantly deal with, mostly because I'm pushing my equipment beyond what the manufacturer would promise I can do with it. Astrophotography is a very complicated hobby that requires quite a bit of work to get good results. And I still have a lot to learn.