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May14-08, 04:39 PM
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Was that by any chance talked about in Ivar Martin's presentation at OSU? I'm up in Akron until I get an apartment in Columbus, but I really wanted to crash that seminar, since my undergraduate research was on graphene.
No, it wasn't in Martin talks, but there was a mention of it in Ben Hu's talk about a month ago.

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Yes, there is even a project about that where I work. However, from a purely practical point of view (e.g. resistance standards) this is probably only good as a selling point for graphene; you still need a >10 Tesla and the only way to achieve that is with a superconducting magnet in helium meaning you might as well cool the sample as well.
They can make these big fields at room temperature in the High Magnetic Field labs, where for instance, this work was done.

Link to the paper in Science:;315/5817/1379