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Apr22-03, 06:41 PM
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I was wondering why we keep sayign things are impossible? If anything history has shown us that when we say something is impossible, more often than not, it isnt!

"Everything which can be invented, has been invented" - Head of the patent office of america, 1899.

A multitude of times in the past they said the periodic table is full, then there was somethign else to go on there! how do we know something else cant go up there ? eh eh! Lots of things were impossible (according to physisists) until the quantum theory came along, why cant the same happen again ? what if the next einstein comes along and says "well actually, look at this" then everyone goes...

"oh right, so we can travel faster than the speed of light" but someone then goes "yeah, but it MUST be impossible to do this and that!". and it happens all the time! why does it happen!

whether this is of interest to many i dunno, but its been bugging me for ages! :P
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