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Jun5-08, 03:18 PM
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So in that aspect then you would say the Earth is alive? Or perhaps the universe? Noting that single living cells came together and formed animals that we also call living.

I'm no biologist, I'm a physics student who has just been reading a lot about the cell lately as a precursor to neurology.

As far as I know, your cells can live separately from you as a complex functioning living thing. Cells themselves have "organs" called organelles. Each of your cells also has your complete structure "on file", structures that lead specifically to your physical and mental characteristics (+ errors, but the cell somehow knows that it can generally get a six if it rolls six times, which is why it sees the advantage in symbiotic relationships with other cells).

Perhaps when we perceive consciousness we are undergoing long-term orders from the cells who have been practicing their code-writing for billions of years, passing the code down through cell generations.