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Apr2-04, 06:19 PM
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I wholeheartedly go for Linux. Fact: I have a Linux machine at work and a Windows XP pro at home. Both always connected to the internet, both heavily used. The first one has NEVER had any pop-up ad problems, viruses, or configuration issues. The XP one, at home, is a quite different story.
You wholeheartedly go for Linux, eh? Yet, you use Windows XP Professional at home for enjoyment. Usually it's the opposite: Windows @ work, Other OS @ home.

In your case, you use Windows for pleasure.

My XP never has any pop-ups, viruses (I'm hoping never) or config issues. Besides AIM popping-up a news page, I witness none of this. If you mean pop-ups on the internet, then feel free to download a browser with ad-blocking software, nobody is stopping you. But if you want every site on the internet to work with your browser, then keep Microsoft IE and download Google, pretty simple.

What do I find myself using most? Either Linux or Windows with about equal frequency. There are a few things (like coding) that are more comfortable under Linux, and there are a few things (like tending to my music collection) that are more comfortable under Windows.
No, coding is comfortable under Windows. The popular programming languages all work great on Windows. There are tons of languages to choose from. If you want your applications to get exposure, there is no platform better to write it on than Windows with the widest audience.

MacOS X is best for people who appreciate the combination of a powerful operating system and a very streamlined interface
I use OS X everyday. It's a good OS, but don't exagerrate it. The cartoonish interface, dock and spinning beach ball will piss you off more than anything in Windows is no time.
Windows is good for novice users who just need a cheap computer to browse the web and send emails.
For a cheap computer to browse the internet and send Emails, just head to Wal-mart for a $200 computer running Mandrake.
Windows XP Pro is a lot more expensive than most consumer operating systems.

For example, saying that OpenBSD must have viruses (even though you don't know of any) because anti-virus software exists (even though you don't know of any) is a hollow statement and should not be permitted.
ROFL. It was 2 opinions against 1. OpenBSD obviously has viruses and bug issues - they have a mailing list dedicated to it. Subscribe. If it was "virus free" then it wouldn't have one.
Like the other person said, you can't truly believe OpenBSD is completely virus free. Somebody had to have written some virus to attack it.
It's common sense vs a biased opinion. 2 users have noted this, it's just that you're denying it.

i upgraded to win XP after reading that win98 will not be supported
after a certain date, now i have XP i find i have problems that i didn't
have with 98, pop ups, spy ware, i know these problems can be
overcome with additional software, but why do i get more problems
from an updated version of windows? i regularly go to MS help and
download critical updates, OK i could set my pc to do this automatically,
but why do i need to do this for XP and not 98?
When did you upgrade to XP?
Did you have stuff like Kazaa, Morpheus on 98? The differences in the programs you have on each OS make a difference.