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Apr2-04, 06:33 PM
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Quote Quote by Dagenais
No, coding is comfortable under Windows.
Well, no, it isn't. Try coding up something that hacks together python, perl, and java with some shell scripts under Windows. Try fighting with Window's lame-*** shell and the horrible 8.3 vestiges still lingering in many of the most basic commands. Try navigating a directory structure with directory names with spaces, or names longer than 8 characters. Try running a real build environment. You have to pay $$$ for tools that can make Windows a decent coding platform, and they're all just rip-offs of free *nix tools.
Windows XP Pro is a lot more expensive than most consumer operating systems.
I don't recall mentioning Windows XP Pro.
It was 2 opinions against 1. OpenBSD obviously has viruses and bug issues - they have a mailing list dedicated to it.
It's not an opinion, professor. No viruses exist for OpenBSD. No anti-virus programs exist for OpenBSD. There certainly are bugs, but I hope you understand the difference. If you're going to continue to say moronic things like Somebody had to have written some virus to attack it, then you need to provide some shred of evidence that it's true. Guess what, Sherlock: it ain't.

- Warren