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Jun11-08, 04:35 PM
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I'm reviving this thread with the news that there is no news, in a positive way.

One of my friends, geoscience major, was challenged to present a case on the edge. Some phenomenon that could not be explained with the current state of knowledge. It was agreed to present the case of the Cuban Lost City. So she e-mailed the main players, like the geologist Manuel Itturalde-Vinent, asking for updates and got responses promptly: sorry, nothing more to report.

The last action was is 2005. ADC, Paulina Zelitski, had to withdraw when the funding dried up. National Geographic abandoned their plans on a special documentary.

This underlines the objective of this thread. Why aren't the research vessels crowding the local area, fighting for their right to investigate this curiosity to the bottom? Why are we turning our backs, trying to forget, when something really unexplainable pops up?

Meanwhile the 'city' is almost really lost
This is something an independently wealthy person or persons could pull off. They'd have to hire some internationally known experts so their data and opinions would at least scratch the surface of the media. For instance, Graham Hancock couldn't do it since everyone seems to hate him. And he never really has any professionals with him on his explorations. His only big achievement has been waking up the Indian government to the fact that their sub-Continent is surrounded by submerged cities of great age. Now the Indian government has initiated dives and excavation plus research with amazing results.

Why is this site almost really lost?