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Jun17-08, 08:41 AM
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As a hiring manager I would definitely consider it on an application. I wouldn't hire less-qualified eagle-scout over a qualified non-scout, but I would definitely give preference to an equally-qualified eagle-scout since he has demonstrated the ability to stick with a task in order to accomplish a goal.
I agree. As the oldest fart in a small aerospace company, I too am involved in the hiring process. Technical expertise is of course the first thing I look for. The resume of an Eagle Scout who has limited technical expertise in our field will be filed circularly along with the resumes of all of the other people with limited technical expertise in our field. Once past that hurdle, I look for signs of excellence and leadership ability. Being awarded Eagle is one such sign.

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it isn't on my resume today
Why not? It is only one small line. And it demonstrates an important character trait.
I agree with Dale on this as well. For a freshout, its a no-brainer. For someone with a lot of experience, it would go in the category of "Major Awards and Recognition". The last thing I want is someone whose sole contribution to society is filling out his timecard on a weekly basis. Good candidates should have been recognized at multiple points in his career.