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Jul28-08, 06:49 AM
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Many derivations of mercury precession angle per orbit [tex]\Delta[/tex][tex]\Phi[/tex], equate this to extra angle per orbit [tex]\delta[/tex] in excess of [tex]2\pi[/tex]

that is [tex]\delta[/tex] = [tex]\Delta[/tex][tex]\Phi[/tex]

But I am getting this relation

[tex]\sqrt{4\pi\delta}[/tex]= [tex]\Delta[/tex][tex]\Phi[/tex]

from arc length of helix and circular orbit.
What am I doing wrong?
What is the intution for above approximation? Shouldn't the total angle be less than [tex]2\pi[/tex] + [tex]\Delta[/tex][tex]\Phi[/tex]
because planet takes short cut [analagous to hypotenuse length being less than sum of other two sides]
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