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Aug18-08, 10:33 AM
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Fruit/Veggie wash

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This gets at the crux of my question. I've no doubt that the substance could be made easily enough, I'm not fool enough think there's anything special in them. My question is more a matter of 'do soaps remove pesticides & stuff effectively enough to make it worth it?'

For example, a friend of mine contends that this is only "scratching the surface" of the problem, that pesticides are also in the meat of the fruit. This would render the effectiveness of any type of washing moot.
This seems to me to be a difficult question to know. Certainly even the washing only claims 97% efficacy. Then when you start to look at the pesticides and the constituent by-products of break-down and the means by which they may have been assimilated by the flesh of the fruit or vegetable either by direct application to and through the skin or by subsequent absorption through water and roots, the opportunities for conversion into benign chemicals seems suggested as I would imagine that complex organics would necessarily be transformed and cell membranes must be good for something, but still ... there is that doubt that some chemicals might do something unwanted.

The washing though at least from an e.coli sense would likely benefit and there the vinegar or dilute chlorox might be all that's required.