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Aug18-08, 11:26 PM
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Heavy Metals: Nope
I didn't mention that because I think if it is in the soil it may in fact enter the food chain in more elevated rates. But in whatever rate it may enter, I doubt once the soil itself is washed away from the produce, there would be little more that surface washing or even cooking would affect.

As to heavy metals being used in pesticides ... lead, cadmium ... that surely isn't safe and I have doubt would be in use anywhere, even in underdeveloped countries.

As to the original point, organochlorines are not uncommon toxins in pesticides and these are the ones that do have recognized safe limits. Since they are water soluble, washing would seem to mitigate their transmission if present, leaving the question about the efficacy of specialized cleansers over and above just washing. In that regard, I'd be skeptical, but if anyone was unconvinced, balancing that concern could be accomplished with wholly natural substitutes to the surfactants listed in the ingredients given.