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Sep13-08, 06:58 PM
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The extra dimensions, should they exist, are not part of another universe. They belong to our universe, though we are not able to see or perceive them (that's all I understand about them, sorry...)
I see. So basically the total 'space' is the same, inside which there are multiple worlds. Wow, this stuff has to be complicated. I can't even find words to describe it. Matter that's somehow hidden from our view, doesn't occupy space, yet exists in the same place?

By the way, the "parallel universes" are not only a concept of science fiction. Respectable physicists have thought about them, in the context of an interpretation of quantum mechanics
Now that was exactly what I was looking for. I can't imagine something so fictitious actually having substance in it.
But when you say 'respectable scientists' you imply that that the majority either doesn't believe in it or has some alternative to this theory. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Don't feel bad if you can't understand all that stuff, neither can I. Just wanted to show you that people are seriously thinking about it.
Yeah, but it would've been much more convenient if you could just look up Wiki and understand everything in first read. :(
And scientists actually believing this concept is indeed news to me.

However, it is just a theory, and it will probably never be possible to prove it, so don't get too excited about it.
Okay, you just gave me a reason NOT to be excited about the LHC experiment. X(
But regardless, such an interesting concept not being refuted is good enough for me.