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Sep16-08, 09:08 PM
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Suppose this happens:

10 billion people are taken to a large black hole.
The people are thrown into the black hole as we fly around it in the large spaceship.

I have read that when an object goes past the event horizon, we as observers away from the blackhole will see the people freeze just before crossing it.

So does this mean that we would forever see 10 billion people frozen around this blackhole?

If so, then why don't we see the tons of matter which the blackhole has previously devoured (other planets and stars etc) in blackholes today

I would like to be told what is happening here... I don't understand why they would 'freeze' and many sources tell me things would indeed freeze before crossing the event horizon, to an on-looker's point of view. I would assume it is some kind of optical illusion, since the light cannot be frozen there...
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