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Apr25-03, 10:01 PM
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Originally posted by MajinVegeta
I think it so unfair that Rosalin didn't get a Nobel Prize!! 2 scientists did, after using her by stealing her ideas!! the ruthlessness!
This isn't what happened. The head of the lab she was working in showed the diffraction photo to the head of the lab Watson and Crick were working in, and this man showed it to Watson and Crick. They saw that a double helix was right, but they had been working on unsuccessful double helix models for some time.

I think it's unfair to them to say they didn't do experiments, as if experiments were all there is to science. They figured out the structure where the sugars went, where the hydrogen bonds went, the whole kit and kaboodle. Their model is so right that everyone who sees it says "I could have done that!". But Pauling didn't do it, Chargaff didn't do it, and if Rosalind did it she sure didn't act that way. She should have published her pictures, insisted that her director run inference with the Royal Society or whoever. But she kept them in her drawer and never said boo.