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Sep29-08, 11:43 PM
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Hi Sal,

This is fair enough. Just wanted to thank you for the great (and informative!) reply.

You note that there aren't many jobs in theoretical physics - part of the reason why I'd want to do a computer science degree also (a combined degree with science [maths/physics] if that is what I end up doing!).

So by the gist of it, analysis is essentially a course of proofs? Are proofs tedious or enjoyable (no, I admit, the only sort of "proofs" I have seen or dealt with is, say, the derivation of the quadratic formula)?

You say - don't bet the (psychological) farm on getting a double degree. What do you mean by this? What is a psychological farm???

I think, where you say I am getting too far ahead of myself, I think there is reason. I always like to know about, I suppose, the end goal (and the journey itself) because if I think I'm not going to enjoy it (or possibly hate it), then I'm not likely going to pursue that subject, if I can avoid it! That's my reasoning anyway.

I'll look into solid state physics, as I said earlier, but perhaps I had better wrap up here before I start rambling on!