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Oct12-08, 12:25 AM
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Thanks for the reply atty,

What is this electron pusher. Is it the electric flux ? If we see from the very begining ... the electric generator who is generating the current. pls refer the first picture here

Now in the arrangement between the N/S pole magnets, we are rotating the piece of wire. Due to the magnetic force.. electrons will drift and hence move further in one direction... Is this the push you are talking about?

Now lets say electrons are moving continously and pushing other electrons which makes flow of electrons and hence electric current

But after certain time all the free electrons will go from the rotating wire(the coil inside the generator) and there wud not be any free electrons to push further... unless the other end of wire (which is goin out of generator station is looping back to get the free electons which were pushed back earlier)

Am i on right track on this ?