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Oct21-08, 09:52 AM
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This is all working fine now.

Couple of questions

a) When I compile this as latex>ps>pdf it misses out some of the mathematical symbols such as arrows and lines. It has diagrams in the document as ps files so has to compile as a ps first.
I've never seen this happen to me; is there a short sample tex file you can show that reproduces this behavior?

b) I have done this on my computer at home, are the uni computers likely to have the same package
I think this would be completely up to the system admins, so would be different from place to place.

c) This is a document I shall be submitting to the physics arxiv and admitting for being published in a journal, will the package mathabx be available to them also?
I seem to recall (for the last article I submitted) a caution on the journal's website about using what they called "non-standard" packages. I would send an email to the journal about it. Even if they don't want to accept this particular package, they might have their own way to create the widecheck symbol.