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Oct22-08, 09:21 PM
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I participated in an REU this past summer and at the moment I am trying to either get an internship/co-op or I would like to continue to do some more research for the summer. I have a few questions regarding letters of recommendation.

1) Is it inappropriate to ask the professor that I did the REU for this summer for a letter of recommendation for a different REU at a different school? Honestly, I don't feel like I terribly excelled during the REU or even showed that I was all that capable of anything; however, I did enjoy it. He did tell me he would write me a letter of recommendation if I ever needed it, but does it look bad because I am not applying to the same school/program?

2) Is it too late in the semester to ask for a letter of rec? The due date is in February but we are approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I don't want to be rude to shove a letter request in his face right when it is getting busy.

I am always wary of asking professors for letters of rec. I would like to attend graduate school and at this point the only professor that I could really ask for a letter is this professor that I did the REU for. I would like to gain more research experience and as well as have another recommendation.

I am an EE attending a research university if that matters (perhaps my chances of getting accepted into another REU program will be slim since I go to a research uni?)

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