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Nov8-08, 09:53 AM
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I'm sure the data are collected and reported, but the results likely are not available on-line.

Here is some background -

Radio-Adaptive Response to Environmental Exposures at Chernobyl

Exposures in the Chernobyl environment currently are from low-LET (linear energy transfer), low dose rate ionizing radiation, primarily gamma radiation from 137Cs and 90Sr as well as limited amounts of radiation. The highest levels of radiation are found in the Red Forest, 1.5 km West of the destroyed reactor, although levels are nonetheless considered low dose, low dose rate radiation.

Chernobyl Accident

Studies on the gamma radiation environment in Sweden with special reference to 137Cs

Chernobyl, 22 Years Later
CBS News was on the site less than 10 minutes when one member of the group went over his exposure limit.

"Right now the dose rate is 200 times the background of what you'd have in Washington, D.C.," [Laurin] Dodd said.

Laurin Dodd is managing director of the Chernobyl Shelter Implementation Program (SIP) Project Management Unit, Bechtel International Systems, Inc.