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Ohio River
Nov9-08, 02:33 PM
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Having been very involved with Chernobyl issues for nine years, I would be happy to share any information that I have. Did an on site study through the UW at the "Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station" in 2004. Will tell you that radiation levels change daily, dependent upon factors including wind speeds. Also, variations will occur within mere feet of registering statistics, i.e. Blacktop areas of Prypit register within the hundreds, while in the soil just a few feet away it had registered, that day at 1,240.

Bottom line with Chernobyl, there is no finite, hence the wide spectrum of stats you will find, with includes official deaths (numbering only 31) due to the Chernobyl Nuclear holocaust.

As an addendum: You realize of course, that this nuclear facility was built for the express reason of extracting plutonium for military purposes, which also accounts for some of the instability of the "power plant."