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Dec22-08, 04:20 PM
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quoting the above mentioned paper
From the theoretical viewpoint the main weak points of CDM include [10]:
The Fine Tuning Problem: What is the physical mechanism that sets the value of  to its observed value which is 120 orders of magnitude smaller than the physically anticipated value?
The Coincidence Problem: Why is the energy density corresponding to the cosmological constant just starting to dominate the universe at the present cosmological time?

beeing the above statments without formal denial I think that each one is a theory killer.

the first statment I read: the theory, at least this one, can make whatever value has a prediction and make an error to the observed value of the magnitude of the universe.
p= prediction
o=observed and p~= o^120 or p~=o^(-120) (is irrelevant a + or - in the exp.)
the 2nd statment I read: forget Galileu and Einstein, after all we live at the center of the Universe (some kind of center).

to me, those statments are deadly killers, and the paper continues with some 6 minor puzzles (compared to that tantalizing statments), and finally the documents concludes, in proper words: we have to do a major patch in the theory.