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Dec23-08, 10:16 PM
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This seems like a strange question, but I don't know how to actually get out of it. If you don't actually THINK about this, you might just have a typical, incorrect kneejerk reaction. So it seems.

First do Time...

If you remember what you did yesterday, or last year, or 5 seconds ago -- when do you remember it? Now. You can ONLY remember the past right NOW. Tell me how to get out of that.

If you worry about what you're going to do tomorrow, or you plan your vacation next month, when are you thinking about the future? Now. You can only think about the future right NOW.

If you say, "I'm going to drop this ball, and it will actually fall." And then you do this 100 times or 1 million times and it always happens, any scientist will say that you are performing a repeatable scientific experiment. Really? When do you think about dropping the ball? Now. When are you dropping the ball? Now. When do you remember that you had dropped the ball? Now. When do you say, "I dropped this ball 50 times and it always fell"? You say this NOW. You can't get out of this!

I don't think you can EVER get out of the FACT that you are always existing in the NOW, and everything else is just a thought process -- a strictly human function -- existing nowhere other than in the squishy neurons in your brain, which is trapped in the infinite NOW, and therefore any Before Now or After Now is just a human function, not anything that is actually a part of Reality. In Reality, there is ONLY EVER NOW, and there are these other things in your brain that have ridiculously tiny, ridiculously inaccurate slices of stuff, called memories or thoughts or projections or something, not really what is happening right now, here, in Reality.

Now do Motion...

If you throw a ball straight up in the air at 5 miles per hour, how fast does it hit your hand when it comes back down? Right, 5 mph. OK, now tell me, when it reached the top, what speed was it going? 0 mph? OK, now tell me, how long did it stay at that speed? How long was it traveling at a speed of 4 mph? 3? 3.000001? The answer usually given is an "infinitesimally" small period of time. Isn't that just a cop-out? Isn't that a scientists way of saying, "I dunno."

So yes I took Calculus oh so many years ago. And we talked about "as the time change approaches zero" or whatever. This is a cop-out! So are cool mathematical formulas and charts and curves.

What actually happens in Reality, in the real world, not on a piece of paper in some math formula, and not in your limited human brain matter? Tell me! How long does the ball stay at a speed of 0.00? I mean, in Reality! Not in some theoretical formula. Really. How long?

Scientists seem to just give up and say, "Well, it is at an infinite number of speeds for infinitesimally small time periods." Right. Why don't you say God created the earth 5,000 years ago. That is about the same level of scientific thought! Does the answer actually make sense? Does it actually correspond to Reality? Or are those just some words that seem to "work" but don't actually make sense. (Exactly -- the Zero thing or the Bible thing, you can't tell!)

So the question is, Is Time real? Or does it ONLY exist in the human mind? (and maybe the minds of a couple other earth-bound critters). How could YOU know, aren't you trapped in a mind, which is actually forever in the infinite now?? If time doesn't really exist, then motion doesn't really exist either! What is going on?

Oh, and if you don't like the implications of this, then that is just another flaw of the human mind, a logical fallacy, called Appeal to Consequences. So if you say, "I can see my fingers moving" -- again, that is the brain matter, stuck in the NOW, being adjusted in some way so what is HERE, NOW always appears to be different. Is it? In Reality?
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