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Dec26-08, 10:30 AM
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Dear Vanadium:

You have mistaken me for someone else.
I said nothing about

"a gravitational, a pole, a dark tenth (I guess 9th, now that Pluto has been demoted), some sort of danger in the galactic plane"

and, as for whether my link supports or refutes my reference, I will leave that up to the readership. The news is very recent, very interesting, and not alarming for nothing. It begs the question as to how the heliosphere is being degraded and what implications exist to the significant impairment of its protection.

Seems pretty hot.
You can quote me on that.


The link does not support your reference*.

That particular piece of news is, indeed, recent; however, the kind of events reported are quite common, and so nothing to be alarmed about.

What does "the heliosphere is being degraded" mean?

* if you think it does, how about you write a paper on it and get it published in a relevant, peer-reviewed journal?