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May3-04, 12:40 AM
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Another important issue, apart from money, is the integration of European research and educational intitutions. In the US it has been much easier for students and researchers to move and exchange knowledge between different institutions compared to Europe, but things are changing rapidly in Europe. There exist student exchange programs that allow undergraduates and postgraduates to attend universities in other EU countries and the EU expansion means that thousands more students will be able to afford high quality education in EU universities. And at least in the field I'm more familiar with, that is high energy physics, I think the center of international activity will probably shift to Europe when the large hadron collider starts operating in 2007 (hopefully).
There's also the subject of laws. Biotech is huge here because there is a profit to be made. Cloning, of all kinds, seems to be more likely in Europe than here in the least the way things are currently goign.