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May5-04, 06:23 PM
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What exactly is artificial intelligence, what are some of its practical applications, and have we created it yet?

Please no arguments that humans are not intelligent! If it comes to that then this thread is useless.
The definition of AI is one of the most widely used 'fantasy' terms ever concieved.

A pocket calculator has artificial intelligence, in that it's 'intellegent' response to a request is 'artificial'.

Spacetime Conscious awarenwess is inherent to Man, not to machine's?..a pocket calculator for instance if it ever became aware and conscious, then it would have an intellegence factor that would most definately make it start thinking of stupid questions such as 'is there life after calculations?'..this would lead to other free-thinking thoughts, and no doubt the really intelligent calculators would eventually develop some sort of crude devise for calculations, free-ing itself from meaniality, so it could spend more time to pursue some kind of deep and meaningful ponderings