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Feb3-09, 08:30 AM
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I think your confusion is arising because you are still in the mind set that spatial dimensions are real and physical, and that temporal dimensions is somehow different. This is the exact opposite of what relativity proposes: relativity puts spatial and temporal dimensions on an equal footing. Space and time are combined into space-time, and a set of four coordinates (t,x,y,z), say, label our position in space-time.
Sounds like mysticism to me. You haven't defined x,y,z,t other than as mathematical coordinates, and you purport to describe the universe without even considering mass as a variable.

True, there is the axiomatic approach. Assume undefined variables, call them what you will, and assume a mathematical relation between them. Then associate the result with a physical reality. Depending on your mathematical creativity, you could explain almost any specific physical event that way and then claim the general truth of your "theory.".