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May10-04, 01:53 PM
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Been in USA? About 50 times.
That's wonderful, what areas? Were you here for any length of time? You know, I have many friends and relatives from europe, the middleast and asia and I don't think it is easy to grasp the "American" Physcological mind even after years of being in this country. Although I often think a good comparision, in some respects, not in others, would be to an adolescent...they know everything, are over sensitive, don't want to be told what to do...and really want to do it their way..etc.
Ever been in Europe?
I have, but I don't get the relevence of this comment to U.S. politics?

More than anything else, Iraqi's can't stand other people telling them what to do.
Ever been in Iraq?
Most of the Iraqi's I have spoken with think that these people are getting far to much attention and compassion after what they have done to their own people and that they deserve far worse then this. Again, not all..and I don't agree. But I also don't think they need you to speak for them as a whole, painting their thoughts and opinions, which differ so widely...with one big sweep....