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Mar17-09, 08:44 AM
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i was reading the book "the universe in a nutshell" by stephan hawking, and i came across a section of time travel.. as per what i understood was that time travel IS possible.. it said that there were 2 people say,A and B. they made a wormhole in January. A would board a spaceship and would travel at nearly the speed of light carrying carrying one end of the wormhole, while B would wait on the Earth near the other end of the wormhole.. A would travel around the universe and come back to earth.. A would then go into his end of the wormhole (at say, 4:00PM on march 21) and would come out at 2:00AM on march 19.. it would happen due to the same reasons as the "twins paradox"
. please correct me if i'm wrong but this is what i've interpreted...