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Mar20-09, 06:49 PM
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Im up to date on my tetanus, but I havent had any hepatitis. Im working a vet clinic, and the one I worked at before didnt care, I just had to promise to stay away if something came in that was suspected of carrying rabies, and if I did come in contact I had to agree to go to the hospital immediately. It seems silly to me, as Ill be working exclusively with horses and cattle, and although they can catch it, its extremely rare. Most animals (especially if they are worth enough to warrant paying the university for special surgery) will be up to date on their shots. I will be exclusively working in the surgery, and so I imagine the chances of an animal coming in for surgery and carrying rabies is pretty small. I am under the impression that a person has to have body fluids from an infected animal enter the blood stream. My Doctor thought I was nutts when I told him I needed it. He cant get me the vaccine unless I've been bit by a rabid animal. I think its a pretty serious virus, and those who will be at a higher risk of contracting it should have it available to them. I cant believe the price of it, and Im getting it "cheap".