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Mar20-03, 04:41 PM
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I put it to you all that we are only quantatively different than animals. We show higher social skills, We have technology and language, but so do animals. Just not as developed.

We are, if you like, polished animals. We are not supreme in any way. Those who think we are, can only be living in ignorance.
In some sense this is perhaps a true statement, but it presents a paradox in that it defies synergy.

Synergy is the principle and natural observation that any two things combined have qualitatively distinct properties than when seperate. In other words, qualitative distinctions can not rationally be seperated from quantitative ones.

There is one capacity people have that no other animal on earth possesses. We have the physiology and massive parallel brain processing to run after a moving object and throw a rock at it or swing a stick. Other animals can spit, or drop and throw and swing things, but none of them can do so with any accuracy at all when they and their target are both in motion.