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john baez
May19-04, 09:35 PM
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Quote Quote by marcus
While we are on possibly important papers (of which e.g. AJL's)
does anyone have any guidance or comment about
Marni Dee Sheppeard's recent
unless for some reason it is tactless of me to ask.
Hmm, I just see this paper has been withdrawn! Good! I read it while flying to Marseille. She's young, she made a mistake, she's smart, she did the right thing. 'Nuff said.

Read this one, it's much better:

L. Crane, M.D. Sheppeard
2-categorical Poincare Representations and State Sum Applications

Also I wish we could hear more about the Marseille conference
since Week 206 merely whetted my appetite.
Well, what can I say? The scenery was great:

but the wine was awful. Did you know the French Mathematical Society makes their own wine? I'm not sure that's what we were drinking, but it might explain it. At least it got the job done... so even though I was jet-lagged and completely exhausted, I stayed up late every night talking to all my favorite quantum gravity folks: Ashtekar, Barrett, Christensen, Jacobson, Krasnov, Lewandowski, Markopoulou, Loll, Rovelli, Smolin, and others - carefully listed in alphabetical order to avoid any appearance of favoritism.

Seriously, us "old-timers" were all very impressed by the large numbers of bright new young folks moving into the field and doing good things.

We talked about pretty much everything, but I was always trying to get everyone to tell me what calculations Dan Christensen and I should do in the Barrett-Crane model to either get more "physical" results than we've gotten so far, or kill the model dead. Also, a bunch of us were pestering Renate Loll to make sure we understood her model in detail. Ashtekar is doing a lot of work on semiclassical states, so he was talking about that a bunch....

But if you want to see quantum gravity folks in action, it's probably not too late to register for Isham's conference at Imperial College this September - a lot of the same people will be there, too. I'm spending most of the summer in Cambridge, and I'd been planning to go down and spend a week in London starting September 8th, but I may go down a bit early to catch this - or just take the train down for the day a couple of times!