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Apr10-09, 11:05 PM
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Thank you,

I have few questions
1. Is it that you choose [itex] (z - i) [/itex] terms because the question specifies it should converge in [itex] 0 < |z-i| < R [/itex] ?

2. So [itex]\frac{B}{z + i} [/itex] will be expanded like

[itex]\frac{1}{2i} * \frac{1}{1+\frac{z-i}{2i}} = \sum_{n=0}^{\infty}{s^n}[/itex]

[itex] s = \frac{z-i}{2i}[/itex]

so the answer to the solution would be
[itex]\frac{A}{z-i} + \{expansion\, in\, 2\}[/itex] ?

Thanks again