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Apr12-09, 10:53 AM
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Hi, to make it a little bit clearer:
I have a problem with reflection of scattered field from PML (I guess). I remove scatterer, and just solve problem with geometry I want to use. There is always some kind of interference pattern of scattered field. I can decrease the reflection intensity by making PML thicker (better solution), or moving it further away (not so efficient), or both. But itīs wasting my memory. Patern depends on direction of excitation as well as on wavelength.
My geometry is spherical encapsulated in spherical PML. Pattern is different depending on what parameters i set (cartesian or spherical), although the natural choice must be spherical. Also I define scattering boundary conditions on outer boundaries.
Metallic scatterer is inside. It looks like reflections are independent of presence of scatterer. I know that solving is not selfconsistent procedure, but anyway it looks wierd that itīs independent.
Any tips?
ps. I know there must be always some reflection, but in my case is comparable to the strength of field scattered by object of interest
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