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May25-04, 03:20 AM
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Not so.

Clocks are irrelevant to the physics of the matter. Take an event on two sides of the universe occurring this instant, like simultaneous exploding supernovae. Here we are in our stationary platform. Is there any mesurement, thought, theoretical construct, postulate or event that can change the reality of the event? Just answer no. Th exploding supernovae are simultaneously exploding in the uiniverse. The only way that one or the other can be consideed to have eruopted frist is to apply some theoretiacl construct and just corropt the reality of the event. This is apure psychological manipulation. One light puilse does nopt turn into two pulses jsut because one of he observers is moving. Can we measure the event? So what, what changes by the null informaion? No we cannot, only theoretically. Does the lack of a measuremnt affect the physics? No it does not.

Lets us put simultaneity to rest wih a warm glass of link milk.
What does this have to do with Relativity? Do you think that relativity somehow states that simultaneous events do not happen? All relativity says about the situation that you describe is that we have no way of knowing that the 2 events were simultaneous.

It appears to me that you have some major misconceptions about the entire idea of Relativity, what it is for and what it means.