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May3-09, 07:45 AM
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First of all, an Uncle and a Neice will not be of similar ages. An Aunt and Uncle might, but a Neice will generally be significantly younger than an Uncle.
Generally, yes, but not always. My father and his nephew are roughly the same age. I believe he has a niece just slightly younger than him as well, but I don't know her age. Since my father was the baby of the family, I've got several cousins far older than myself.

I have one female cousin significantly older than I, but I don't know her age. However, I know HER daughter is approximately my age, and I was hitting on the daughter at our grandma's funeral. I guess she's what, my second cousin? Cousin twice removed? I don't know...

I used the pick up line "You know, if we weren't related..." Didn't work. :-p