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May25-04, 10:15 PM
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the 19th century German Philosopher Wilhelm von Humboldt claimed that language was directly connected to thinking

that people around the world should actually think differently due to their native language
I wonder if he had any direct observational evidence to support his claim. Personally, I think he was mistaken, as I have known people who thought in different languages than myself, yet never noticed anything out of the ordinary (quite the opposite, in fact). Expressing thoughts in another language can come across seemingly queer (sideways is how I sometimes think it). There are words, even meanings of words, which may be absent from one language to another but generally there seems to be a way to arrive at similar conclusions, so I think they way humans think is similar. Culture can skew outcomes, but I think the process leading to those outcomes is basically the same.

…perhaps we can take this one step further into the science of Chorology
which is the relationship between thought and native environment

is our thinking shaped by our native language and native environment?

does the average person in China experience the same thought processes as the average person in Sweden?

does the average person who has grown up in a city surrounded by water such as Stockholm think in the same way as a person who has grown up in a dessert such as Saudi Arabia?
I would be cautious not to mix what I see as apples and oranges (cultural differences vs thinking processes). That’s my 2-cents, for what it’s worth.