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May21-09, 05:50 PM
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Hi benk99nenm312!
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My definition of backwards in time is the observation, not necessarily whether it, the particle goes backwards in time.
Not following you we must observe things going forward in time, mustn't we?
You are merely stating that the state of the particle, because it appears to travel backwards to an oberver, would appear to be negative but would really be positive due to the fact that it is imaginary.
Sorry, not following any of this and I'm definitely not saying it.
The particle appears to an observer to backwards in time, even though it really doesn't. Are we in agreement now?
The tachyon appears to one observer to go, say, from the torch to the screen, but appears to another observer to go from the screen to the torch.

Both observers see it going forward in time (but the second observer thinks it looks weird )