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Jun3-09, 06:18 AM
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Thanks to everyone for the Doppler effect explanation and the aberration of light, I now understand why the programs in the link you have send render thing so differently than what I initially imagined.

I find it less gorgeous that originally thought, because as you travel, space around you becomes wrapped into your direction of travel and you find yourself in a large tunnel of nothingness with only one light at the end of the tunnel. This kind of sight would probably glorify the religious traveller.
Beauty can come in surprising ways. Science has let us see things previously only imagined, and many others never previously conceived of.

Think of what we have been able to see in the very small with great magnification; or the very fast with high speed video, or the very faint, with long exposure times. Then there are things we have seen in places we cannot go ourselves, or visions seen in light to which our eyes are not sensitive.

If we ever get to that point, I would expect beauty in a universe wrapped around to lie compressed in your forward field of view, with a concentric rainbow of colors from the blueshift depending on angle of view... and if it was blueshifted beyond what my own eyes can see, or compressed to a small field of view, I expect that with the capacity to travel at high velocity would come also the technology to capture the view and reform it for my eyes.

And I expect it would be beautiful.

Cheers -- sylas