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Jul9-09, 01:13 PM
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An object is 4500 feet away from the video camera. Will my video camera be able to video record it? I have no idea how to calculate this, and I seriously need some help in understanding this. Please include any math equations you use to figure this out since I need to do this again with other cameras.
To answer this question, calculate the following; if the result is larger than 1, your camera should be able to see the object:
( Dt / Lt ) Nt ( L / D )
Lt and Dt are the length of and distance away, respectively, of a nearby test object. Note, Dt should be at least 3 times larger than Lt.
Nt is the number of pixels that the test object takes up in the image, along it's entire length.
D and L are the distance away and length of, respectively, of the object of interest.
In your case, D is 450012 inches, and L is 3.5 inches, so L/D is 1/15,400.