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Doc Al
Jun8-04, 06:49 PM
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Quote Quote by Pergatory
My point is that in order for the photons to arrive at the observer at the same time, the observer must be equidistant from both originating locations at the point in time when both photons are observed. It does not matter where the observer is or is not when the photons are emitted. THAT was my point.
I believe I understood your point the first time. You're still wrong. The position of the lights at the moment the photons are detected is irrelevant.

Please focus on the argument at hand: If statement (1) is true, then statement (2) is true.

Please don't waste your time by further tearing apart minor details of my responses, and focus solely on the point I'm trying to prove in response to the point you've tried to make. If we lose focus, it will turn into another 4-page discussion and there will be another identical thread created in a few days discussing the same principal.
I am completely focused. The point of yours that I am "tearing apart" is not a minor detail.