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Aug7-09, 06:36 PM
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Thanks! And also for posting the talks from the FQXi Azores conference that was held just a month or so ago.
I'm glad they put PDF slide sets on line, so we can check them out.
Just to have the handy, I will add it to this thread:
Oriti's talk:

I see that Daniele Oriti was in the final lineup of invited plenary talks at the Beijing conference. In fact he spoke today, 7 August. Probably essentially the same talk, giving the motivation, introduction and basics of Group Field Theory----plus its overlap (potentially as a kind of unifying framework) with Loop/Spinfoam, Simplicial (Regge) QG, CDT.

So much going on it is hard to keep proper account of it. The Planck Scale conference in Wroclaw was a really major event and now we have the Beijing, and the Marcel 12 in Paris, and the Azores conferences.
Just to keep it handy here are links for Wroclaw:
Someone just asked me about the subject of Oriti's talk---which was on Day 4 in Wroclaw, and there is a video.
That thread on the Planck Scale conference is:
Also an alternative link for the videos of the lectures is at Remi Durka's website:

Here, for example is Oriti's Wroclaw talk slides:
and video: