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Sep17-09, 04:23 PM
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Herbert Hamber gave a talk at Perimeter earlier this year, the video is online.
He was questioned by Lee Smolin and Laurent Freidel, among others. A lot of audience reaction.

It was essentially the same talk as the one he gave to the 800-some participants of Marcel 12 in Paris this summer. Except better, more slides with more detail, if I'm not mistaken.
He's aggressively saying that his simple 4D approach to lattice gravity is correct and CDT is not right and Loop is not right---and there is no need to make up extra stuff like strings.
He has access to a big computer and has run dedicated programs that take 2 months. He presents his approach as the natural heir to Lattice QCD. To the extent this is to be taken seriously, we definitely need to pay close attention.

I'll get the link to that PIRSA talk by Hamber.
Here is the link: