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Sep21-09, 04:55 PM
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I am in a community college taking certificate classes because i need to start earning money urgently and wont be able to afford a 4-year college in the near future.

Yet I know physics and math to a fairly high extent and I have 2 theories/inventions.
I can't afford to patent those things as inventions and I can't prove those things as theories on my own.

I came up with a fairly new etching machine. I never built the whole thing but I tested it's working principle.

My experiments with Tolchin Apparatus lead me to some efficiency improvement to test the workability of the theory. My idea is that the experimental machine can be IMPROVED to isolate the linear force it produces more easily. (Not a great invention since I want to test the theory that Newton's third law can be violated.) Can't do it at home.

I cannot disclose my ideas.

I am trying to get my ideas reviewed by some government organization because I want to get some degree of support and recognition for my work.

I am not given any attention. What can I do? What specific program should I seek as an independent researcher, not associated with any titled scientific organization or college?

How people like me should act in the US?

Thanks for helping.
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