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Oct1-09, 09:17 AM
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"It analyzes the total GHG life cycle emissions for power from natural gas and coal. The numbers they come with are that NG isn't that much better than coal and LNG is actually much worse than coal."

"Eh? The paper shows NG equivalent CO2 emissions (1100 lbs/MWh) still has nearly half that of coal (2100 lbs/MWh) considering life cycles, and is vastly better than coal in SOx and NOx emissions."

The way I read the article, NG isn't much better than coal (and LNG is worse) *only* for the CCS scenario (table 3). This is because of the greater contribution of upstream processes to overall GHG emissions, which of course isn't helped by CCS. Tables 1 and 2 support the conclusion that NG life-cycle emissions are roughly 40-50% lower, even in the "advanced technologies" case.

Thanks for posting the article - interesting data.