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Oct11-09, 12:22 AM
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If I changed to a bachelor of science majoring in applied chemistry (which is what my university offers), where could I go with it? I would get credits for what I have done and it would probably take me two more years to get the magical bit of paper. But where to from there? What are my options? Thankyou for reading :)
With a BS in Chemistry you will more than likely be a technician or technologist who runs several instruments running the same tests several times per week if not more. There are some other options like forensics or working for the government but really; you can't stop with a BS. You need at least a Master's to work for the big drug companies and even then, without a PhD; you are still the "hands".

I stopped at a BS Chem 3 years ago and am going back to school considering medical physics, math or some kind of engineering...signed up for Linear Algebra this Spring. Stopping was a mistake. Maybe you could try some ChemE classes?