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Nov8-09, 01:03 AM
P: 103
// there are 2 cases, as node could be at the end, or the one before the end
      else if (traverseInOrder.successor == null) {
          // this condition is here because if traverse.successor is null, traversal is not incremented
          if (iterator.key.compareTo(traverseInOrder.key) < 0) {
              traverseInOrder.predecessor.successor = iterator;
              iterator.predecessor = traverseInOrder.predecessor;
              iterator.successor = traverseInOrder;
              traverseInOrder.predecessor = iterator;
          // this covers the case when successor is null, but the key to insert is greater
          else { 
              iterator.predecessor = traverseInOrder;
              traverseInOrder.successor = iterator; 
              //iterator.successor = null // **even if I put this here, nothing happens**
The nodes are constructed with all pointer nodes initialized as null, so I don't think that's what was wrong. I did change them to point to null in the code and it made no difference. Still an infinite loop. Or am I misunderstanding what you're saying?