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rai linga
Nov27-09, 04:41 PM
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I am gratified that a few of you found my little excursion into String Theory at least mildly stimulating, despite it coming from a, basically, layperson's perspective. I was afraid I would have made some glaring error due to a lack of more sophisticated knowledge of the theory. All I felt was that the logic seemed coherent from the assumptions and I would just "throw it out there".

I have a question now. If strings are meant to replace particles as the fundamental physical unit, doesn't that mean the the old quantum duality of "particle/wave" should now be replaced with "string/wave"? Am I wrong in assuming that, below the Planck length, the information from which our physical universe is the projection is still stored in wave form? If not, ---again, I have little techical info about String Theory and would love to be enlightened. If so, well then shouldn't we get rid of the term "wavicle" and replace it with something like "strave"? (Hey, you gotta let me have some fun with this.)