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Nov28-09, 12:06 AM
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Thanks everyone for replying. I suppose being rather a scientific novice I wondered, if to be in a position to observe change occurring between two points in time, as we do today, do we need to have the Universe accelerating at the current rather than expanding at a constant velocity or accelerating less than we are observing today.

I suppose I also wondered if what we are observing in regards the expansion of the Universe is more spin than actual expansion a question most likely emanating from my incapacity to actualise in my mind the enormity of what surrounds us rather than on any actual scientific fact.

If we humans survive for another thousand years I wonder also if we will not require Babel Fish to communicate between the guilds of knowledge one would expect to develop - an absolute necessity for BBQs to save the sanity of both sides.

bcrowell thanks for your suggestion I will order the Gardner's Relativity Simply Explained.